Stan na Dan

Nearby Hotels

HotelCategoryLocationDistance from the FacultyFind on MapParkingWebsite
Square Nine4*City Center80mMAPIndoor & Outdoor/ChargedWebsite
Feel Belgrade3*City Center100mMAPIndoor & Outdoor/ChargedWebsite
Mama Shelter4*City Center200mMAPIndoor/ChargedWebsite
Belgrade Art Hotel4*City Center280mMAPIndoor/ ChargedWebsite
Palace Hotel4*City Center315mMAPIndoor/ ChargedWebsite
Boutique Garni Hotel Townhouse 274*City Center330mMAPIndoor/ ChargedWebsite
Envoy4*City Center350mMAPOutdoor/ ChargedWebsite
Courtyard by Marriott 4*City Center400mMAPIndoor & Outdoor / ChargedWebsite
Boutique Hotel Museum4*City Center420mMAPNoWebsite
Central Park Residence4*City Center500mMAPIndoor & Outdoor / Free of ChargeWebsite
City Code Exclusive4*City Center500mMAPPublic / ChargedWebsite
Majestic 4*City Center530mMAPOutdoor/ ChargedWebsite
City Savoy4*City Center600mMAPOutdoor / ChargedWebsite
Royal Inn Hotel4*City Center600mMAPPublic / ChargedWebsite
Zepter4*City Center600mMAPOutdoor/ ChargedWebsite
Public House Hotel4*City Center615mMAPOutdoor/ Free of ChargeWebsite
Kasina3*City Center690mMAPNoWebsite
Moskva4*City Center690mMAPOutdoor/ ChargedWebsite
M House Belgrade4*City Center800mMAPPublic / ChargedWebsite
Union3*City Center800mMAPOutdoor/ ChargedWebsite
Urban Lodge Belgrade4*City Center900mMAPOutdoor / ChargedWebsite
Bohemian Garni - Skadarlija3*City Center920mMAPOutdoor/ ChargedWebsite
Life Design4*City Center920mMAPOutdoor/ Free of ChargeWebsite
Kopernikus Hotel Prag4*City Center980mMAPIndoor & Outdoor/ ChargedWebsite
Prince Hall Palace4*City Center1100mMAPPublic Indoor / ChargedWebsite
Black Pearl Luxury Suites4*City Center1200mMAPIndoor / Free of ChargeN/A
Belgrade Inn Garni Hotel4*City Center1200mMAPOutdoor / ChargedWebsite
Hotel Le Petit Piaf3*City Center1300mMAPIndoor / ChargedWebsite
Hotel Opera3*City Center1300mMAPNoWebsite
Mercure Belgrade Excelsior 4*City Center1300mMAPIndoor/ ChargedWebsite
Queen's Astoria Design4*City Center1300mMAPOutdoor/ Free of ChargeWebsite
Garni Hotel Argo3*City Center1400mMAPNoWebsite
Hotel Srbija Garden Ex Garni4*City Center1400mMAPIndoor / Free of ChargeWebsite
Jump INN Hotel Belgrade4*City Center1600mMAPPublic Indoor & Outdoor / ChargedWebsite
Hilton Belgrade4*City Center1700mMAPIndoor/ Free of ChargeWebsite
Design Hotel Mr. President4*Wider City Center1800mMAPPrivate / Free of ChargeWebsite
88 Rooms 4*Wider City Center1800mMAPIndoor/ ChargedWebsite
Sky Hotel4*Wider City Center1800mMAPIndoor / Free of ChargeWebsite
Hotel Slavija Garni3*Wider City Center1950mMAPIndoor & Outdoor/ ChargedWebsite
Hotel Metropol Palace5* Wider City Center2000mMAPIndoor/ ChargedWebsite
Saint Ten 4*Wider City Center2000mMAPIndoor/ ChargedWebsite
Hotel Constantine the Great4*Wider City Center2100mMAPOutdoor / ChargedWebsite
Hyatt Regency Belgrade5*Wider City Center2200mMAPIndoor / ChargedWebsite
MARK Hotel Beograd4*Wider City Center2300mMAPIndoor & Outdoor / ChargedWebsite
Crowne Plaza Belgrade4*Wider City Center2500mMAPOutdoor / ChargedWebsite
Holiday Inn Express Belgrade - City4*Wider City Center2700mMAPIndoor/ ChargedWebsite
Golden Tulip Zira4*Wider City Center2950mMAPIndoor & Outdoor/ ChargedWebsite
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